Little Wooden Bridge EPK


Little Wooden Bridge is a contemporary jazz trio with roots deep in world, classical, pop, and electronica.  The brainchild of Kai Kurosawa, LWB is the perfect setting to highlight his unique ability to improvise mesmerizing solos and bass lines, while adding the harmonic counterpart. Ian Rapien's saxophones provide melodramatic lead and harmonic lines, which are brought to life through his voracious solos.  Sophisticated, daring, and bonded with humor, the organic musical arch of this trio will leave you dazzled."

A trio with roots in multiple styles of music, Little Wooden Bridge is the coming together of years in the making. Kai Kurosawa and Ian Rapien performed extensively in their college years in Boston, Massachusetts, exploring the boundaries between improvised instrumental music in the realms of Jazz, Rock and Electronica. 

Rapien and Kurosawa performed extensively in college in a trio setting, and have reconnected seamlessly and naturally upon Rapien's return to California.  The results with all three members have left audience members mesmerized, dazzled, and intrigued. 

Since their inception in 2022, Little Wooden Bridge has performed in person, including the NAMM show 2022, Lo's Artist Series in Seattle, Washington, and numerous locations in and around Los Angeles, CA.  They have also created a well-received vlog series, called "Konstruction Diaries", documenting behind the scenes footage and the preparatory work going into performances and videos. 

Please do stay tuned, as the future will likely continue to keep you attempting to catch the wind, or perhaps trying to describe the intangible.