Little Wooden Bridge EPK


The spirit of Little Wooden Bridge is as difficult to encapsulate as to attempting to catch the wind.  Like trying to catch a firefly in a Brooklyn night, try as you might… they are fleeting gestures. 

The flow of the melodic elements of the trio can be described as not-quite Jazz, almost Classical, and perhaps Pop. 

A trio with roots in multiple styles of music, Little Wooden Bridge is the coming together of years in the making. Kai Kurosawa and Ian Rapien performed extensively in their college years in Boston, Massachusetts, exploring the boundaries between improvised instrumental music in the realms of Jazz, Rock and Electronica. 

Chuck van Heacke and Kai have spent the better part of a decade in a duo setting perfecting the battery of a trio setting, performed by two musicians (with Kurosawa performing the Bass and Guitar parts simultaneously). 

The results with all three members have left audience members mesmerized, dazzled, and intrigued. 

Since their inception in 2022, Little Wooden Bridge has performed in person, and created a well-received vlog series, called Konstruction Diaries.

Please do stay tuned, as the future will likely continue to keep you attempting to catch the wind, or perhaps trying to describe the intangible.